As an artist, I am often asked "Why do you create your work?", "How did you become an artist?" "What influenced you?" "What does your imagery mean?" and "Where have you traveled?"

When I try to explain these things in a few sentences, I feel it sounds a bit like "mumbo-jumbo". Of course, many experiences have influenced and changed me as well as shaped my work. Sometimes I think that this verbal explanation weakens the strength and impact that I believe my work delivers. I'm not a poet. I'm a visual artist and what I have to say falls on the ears of the silver, the glass, the enamel and the clay. They best express my thoughts, to the wearer or the admirer.

How did I become an artist? As early as 6 years old, my parents tried to satisfy my intense curiosity about everything, and my need to create. They enrolled me in numerous courses at the Florida Gulf Coast Art Center in Belleair, Florida. From age 6 to 12, I spent my summers in as many as four classes a day, which included clay sculpture, pottery, oil painting, water colors, weaving, batik and kite making.

In my teens I continued to take art classes at my high school - anything that was offered, from working with clay to metalsmithing. After graduation instead of furthering my formal education, I chose to become a working goldsmith. This hands-on experience plus a great deal of experimenting in different media like enamels, clay and glass, allowed me to explore many artistic paths. Perhaps it is this multi-media past that accounts for my diversity in style and materials, which I feel is necessary to achieve my visions.

I've been influenced by ancient civilizations, Mayan ruins, hieroglyphics, art and jewelry from all Indian cultures, Egyptian art, glass and clay forms and enamels of the past as well as modern neon-graphics with strong geometric forms and vibrant colors. And so.... my work is a fusion of modem and ancient. After all, the art in our society as it is today, will someday be ancient art and artifacts.

My exposure to different cultures and extensive travel have shaped my work. Studying and exploring ruins and past cultures around the world such as Roman, Egyptian, Mayan, Inca and Spanish have impressed me so strongly that they are apparent in my work today. The vibrant colors of my enamels and the engraved imagery appearing on many of my pieces speak of ancient cities. like Tulum, Tikal, Chichen Itza, Fatima, Ronda and so many others which are etched in my mind and my work.

I have worked in several mediums: glass, clay and raku-fired clay. For the last 3 years, I have shifted my focus to the fine art of glass-enamel cloisonné and silver and gold smithing to create unique one of a kind "MODERN ANCIENTS", which are wearable art jewelry pieces.

Pieces include pins, earrings, pendants, amulets, totems and small wall sculptures. The incredibly intricate and almost lost art of enameling satisfies my creative intensity.